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    May 15, 2013
    11:00 - 11:31am PDT  

good morning, and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. the family of mikaela lynch expected to speak within the next hour or so talking about their missing daughter. the 9-year-old san francisco girl is autistic and she was last seen at a vacation home in clearlake on mother's day. it's anticipated her parents will announce they are offering a reward at this press conference. nbc is there with the hundreds of crews searching for little mikaela. >> reporter: search and rescue covering the 10 square miles where mikaela lynch was last seen. it's now been days. that's challenging enough. but add to that the fact that
she may not be her own rescue. from sunday to now wednesday, search teams have looked for mikaela lynch. the clearlake police chief said the 9-year-old doesn't often respond to voices and doesn't speak. she needs a specific approach if located. >> to actually put your hand out in a sub missive manner and that is one of her ways she will come to the search and rescuers and use calming, soothing voices. nothing real aggressive because she was not respond to her name being called. >> lynch is autistic. the only confirmed sighting a surveillance tape that shows her passing by homes near the vacation home where she was staying. >> there's waters on both sides of it and there's water surrounding that area, so away from the home but not away from the water. >> does that tell you anything? >> just her last known location and her direction of travel with a time. >> she likes water so boats
again part of the search. atvs, teams on foot. she didn't have clothes on. she sometimes take them off when she's warm. >> i have daughters and kids and i hope anybody would do the same if, heaven for bid, mine came up missing or something happened. >> neighbors are being asked to check their own properties, their garages, boats, cars, crawl spaces to see if maybe she's there. in clearlake kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kristi. just into our newsroom crews are battling a two-alarm fire at a crematory. take a look, an employee at the cypress lawn memorial park says the fire is burning at its crematory building. this is off camino real. the fire caused quite a bit of smoke. no word on the extent of damage. also, no word on injuries. and the red cross helping a
long list of families after a fire burned down their homes early this morning in redwood city. this one happened near fair oaks elementary school. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us live from the scene where the fire investigators are looking for a cause at this hour. bob, good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. it could be a slow process because that building that burned down behind me is so unstable. apparently the second floor, the middle floor, has become detached from the side walls making it too dangerous to go inside to investigate the origin of the fire. one witness tells us he thinks it might have started in a car in a carport and went from there. when it started the apartment building went up fast forcing them to call a third alarm. the fire became so dangerous firefighters had to pull out of the structure and assume a defensive position, basically fighting from the outside, using a water hose to dump water from above. only two people hurt, in spite of how big, a young woman and a
deputy. both of them have been treated and released. everyone else got out okay. >> everybody, fire, fire, fire, tried to put all the people outside. then i called 911. i was scared. i hear boom, like explosion like that. i don't know the car. i don't know. >> happy everything is okay, everybody okay, nobody got hurt. >> three surrounding buildings were evacuated. a lot of those people woken up early this morning out here on the sidewalk with blankets still in their pjs. one of those buildings let back in, the other two expect to be released later today. the red cross is helping provide the 24 people who lost their homes basic necessities in the meantime until they get back on their feet. we're talking about food and temporary housing. this fire, by the way, does not affect fair oaks community school, k through 5 located across. classes went on as scheduled.
reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. west of san jose crews put out a fire at an apartment complex. it broke out at 9:00 on phelps avenue just off the expressway. no one was home at the time and no one was hurt. a neighbor tells us they heard a bang before the flames broke out but investigators are still looking into that cause. another fire to tell you about here, sprinklers being credited with putting out an early morning fire at lockheed martin near moffett field. this broke out at 4:00 this morning at the facility in sunnyvale. we're hearing the electrical fire was in building 150, the space systems building. at this hour, no word on any damage or injuries and no hazardous materials were apparently involved in this one. that is very good news. right now take you live outside in san jose. it looks nice, maybe mildly clear. over the 24 hours, that will change heavily. >> meteorologist christina loren joins us with rain in the forecast for the middle of may. >> those changes already taking
place in san francisco, marla and jon, taking a live look here. old glory getting quite a bit of pickup in the camera, knocked around, gusty winds in the window. strong winds head throughout the day today. that will continue to 5:00 p.m. you can see our booeys. even though on-shore flow we have fire dangerous to be concerned about in the bay area. temperatures are pretty chilly compared to this time yesterday. 5 degrees cooler just about everywhere. as we head through tomorrow morning the real changes arrive. look what's headed to the bay area. after three weeks without any significant rainfall, showers on the railroad at this time tomorrow morning. showers will start about 6:00 a.m. and they will continue as we head through the day tomorrow. take you to the full forecast. a big change headed our way towards the weekend as well. want to take you through those changes right now. back to you guys. >> i see a 90 on there.
christina, we'll look forward to that. thank you so much. today san jose police stepping up patrols outside of an elementary school where a 5-year-old girl was hit and killed crossing the street. the girl's aunt and sister were hurt but survived. now, neighbors who are fed up with speeders on the street for years are pleaing for change. i can tell you san jose police are still investigating the cause of this crash. it happened yesterday afternoon. and the two-year-old has been released from the hospital while the aunt is still in the hospital but she is expected to recover. police will be interviewing the aunt to find out more information. we're going to have more on the story for you in just a bit. here it is right now. teddy bears, candles and flowers mark the spot where 5-year-old ieileen quiroz hit and killed
yesterday afternoon. several people started their day visiting the curbside memorial including two young family members who stood in silence and cried. >> my heart goes out to the family. i'm so sorry for them. i can't even imagine what they are going through. >> veronica castro has lived there five years. she said speeding has long been a problem here, with most drivers going a minimum of 35 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour school zone that does not have crossing guards. >> even starting at 5:30 in the morning they are speeding, just late for work. i even yell at them to slow down. >> when it's drop off time, pickup time, there's so many cars and kids and traffic. there needs to be speed bumps. something else has to be in place. >> police say quiroz was crossing the street are with her 2-year-old sister and aunt when all were hit by the silver suv lexus. the driver is not facing any charges at this time. it's now up to accident
reconstructionists to determine if the trio was in the crosswalk and how fast the driver was going but police don't think the driver was speeding. >> we do know they were struck in the middle of the intersection. unknown if they were crossing left to right, right to left. >> city councilman that represents this district said until now park view has not been deemed a school in need of dire change. but he now plans to meet with the school principal. >> i don't know if it's going to take speed bumps, a cop to be out here. there's speeding all over the place. >> something needs to be done. >> something needs to be done, yes, before someone else gets hurt. >> let me reiterate, police tell us the 2-year-old has been released from the hospital while the aunt is still hospitalized. she's expected to recover. police say they plan to interview that aunt today hoping to get some more answers. well, a seattle man trying to dribble a soccer ball 10,000 miles to brazil is dead after being hit by a pickup truck on the oregon coast. 42-year-old richard swanson set
out on the trek to promote the berkeley-based one world football project which donates durable soccer balls to people in developing countries. in a statement the company coo writes, he was a very inspiring man who in a very short time walked his way into many lives. our thoughts are with his family. well, more than $2.8 million, that's what the school district will pay. she sued claiming she was molested in 190. claims three administrators did not act despite warning signs of abuse by that teacher. as part of this settlement, the district said she has agreed to drop her lawsuit. late last night the school district releasing this statement saying, it is our hope that this settlement will help miss cunn attachment ne continue to heal and help the district to continue working to educate the
children entrusted to us. a new law making it illegal to live in cars. the committee voted to resurrect a controversial vehicle dwelling ban which was scrapped last november. the new law would not only make it illegal to live inside a vehicle, but it would also provide the city's homeless with better access to social services. supporters say this will help the city reduce crime near places where the homeless tend to stay at night. those against it says the ban criminalizes the homeless. right now we take you live to las vegas for a look at o.j. simpson on the stand. coming up in this half hour, we'll give you a listen on what he's saying about the strange confrontation that landed him behind bars. >> it was a desire for revenge, honestly. fighting back. why one man is lashing out at abercrombie & fitch. >> the latest from the big google developers conference in san francisco coming up in business news.
well, as we told you moments ago, o.j. simpson back in las vegas in a courtroom for the third day. he's there live in las vegas trying to reverse his kidnapping and robbery conviction to try and get a new trial. lets listen in briefly. >> talking about a lot of different things but it's what you would expect at an event like this. i can't say i remember specifically seeing it at the time. i can't say i really remember him saying it. >> okay. did you recall walter alexander -- >> o.j. simpson talking about the scene that landed him in jail. unlike his trial back in 2008 when he was sent to prison, this time simpson actually taking the stand and nbc has his testimony. >> reporter: o.j. simpson wants another chance. today he's telling a judge why his lawyers were so bad he should have a new trial and describing details surrounding his attempt to retrieve his
sports memorabilia. >> the kids were away at college at this time. these are all things they should have, not some guys selling it in a hotel room in vegas. >> reporter: among his claims his lead attorney never told him about a plea deal he would have taken, and that he knew ahead of time about his plan to retrieve what he thought were personal items. his new attorney says he's ready. >> i think he's anxious to talk. >> reporter: for the first time, they say, simpson will publicly explain what happened on the night that resulted in his arrest and conviction. it's been close to five years since the former football legend was found guilty of bursting into a las vegas hotel room with accomplices and robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at gunshot. one of them was fromong. >> he said he has forgiven his friend but stopped short of
saying he should have a new trial. >> it's been a long, long six years. i was hoping it was over. but o.j. always has a way of -- always has a way of coming back. >> reporter: simpson hoping a comeback this time will mean getting out of prison. he's already served close to five years of his nine to 33 year prison. the man he accuses of accomplice is scheduled to testify friday. lee ann greg, nbc news, las vegas. a filmmaker wants to give abercrombie & fitch a piece of his mind after a controversial comment by the company ceo. greg carver said he was upset by remarks from abercrombie ceo that only, quote, thin and beautiful people should wear the company's clothes. carver is searching thrift stores for abercrombie clothing and distributing it to homeless in l.a. >> a desire for revenge. how can i turn this negative
urge into something that might be positive for society. >> now a youtube sensation and his hashtag fitchthehomeless. he hopes his actions will inspire others. >> accused of white collar crime, accused of trying to sell investors fake facebook stock. federal prosecutors charging the three men with wire fraud conspiracy. just last year the men offered people a chance to buy that facebook stock just as the menlo company was about to go public. prosecutors they say swindled potential investors out of about $7 million. >> tesla motors may be the wall street darling lately but not everyone is happy with the company. north carolina state senate passed a bill monday night that essentially blocks tesla from opening up a showroom in that state. the bill leaves tesla with two options, stay out of the state entirely or go through an auto
dealer like all other automakers have to. north carolina isn't the only state trying to restrict tesla. dealers in new york and massachusetts have gone to court to try and block the bay area company from opening showrooms in their states. thousands of people at the mosconi for the annual google gathering. >> a lot of news out of google io. >> that stands for input output. that's all you need to know about that. you what need to know here, the big developer's conference, tickets for which went on sale, took a couple of days to sell out. they cost hundreds of dollars, sold out almost immediately. here you see the big keynote speech actually handled by a number of google bigwigs and engineers, including a record number of women presenters. we'll be seeing a lot of news about subscription music, google area maps, the area in san
francisco will be filled with people wearing google glass. there are 2,000 pair of google glass out there that have been manufactured. all assume all of them will be in one place today. scott budman lots about google io tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. >> hope all those people in google glass don't run into each other. a lot of stuff to watch. thanks so much. air travelers could find out days in advance whether their flight will be on time thanks to a new rebz. the site is called know the founder, a one-time commercial pilot said he can alert travelers of weather alert flight delays up to three days before takeoff and boasting a nice robust 90% accuracy rate. the site weighs in on forecast, performance data, efficiency of individual airports in handling bad weather. >> i'd say we don't have any bad weather around the bay today. >> not right now, very nice. >> a little change, cloud cover. >> changing as we wch i
think is why that guyf error won his favor. even with thick, low clouds like this over san bruno, all flights out of time in san francisco. if you are trying to get to the east coast and you might be, we are getting closer to the weekend, the only place we do have delays is out of laguardia. you want to check that. here in our neck of the woods, weather is going to deteriorate, gray skies, winds will pick up more so. they are cooling us off substantially. those winds will increase. take it right to future cast, stop that clock at 5:00 p.m. look at all this hot pink, red and orange. whenever you're seeing warmest colors, that's where winds will occur. talk about 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts as we head through the evening. keep that in mind, travel cautiously if you have a high-profile vehicle. here is what we're talking about. step out of the way, take it to the future. by 4:00 p.m. winds start to pick up as the area of low pressure gets closer and closer.
expecting showers by 6:00 a.m. the main front mid-morning to early afternoon after which time showers will deteriorate. that will continue until friday morning. we'll have a little residual activity. after that high pressure builds back in. this is going to warm us up quickly. more weather whiplash. take a look at temperatures on friday versus monday. we're going to jump from the 60s to 90s and stay hot as we kick off next week, which does mean we'll see elevated fire danger. we're on top of that. back to you. love your dress, marla, by the way. >> it is classic. both you ladies look spectacular, very nice today. thank you very much for that. still to come, going to the math, what some high school students are doing today to try to save one of their favorite sports.
southbay high school students taking matters in their own hands, fighting to save their wrestling program. students at live oak high in morgan hill, they say the school did not renew the contract of the head coach and staff. they are worried they might lose their coach. if they lose their coach, they could lose out on future scholarships to college. today when they get out of class, they are planning to hold a rally. that's going to be in the parking lot across the street from their school. keeping with the sports theme, tough loss for san jose sharks, they were shut out by los angeles kings 2-0. kings lead best of seven series one game to nothing. tonight in l.a. >> plenty of time to rebound. >> yes. warriors return home on the brink of elimination. they were unable to fibds an answer to spurs losing 109-91. spurs leads 3-2. game six tomorrow night at
oracle. >> they didn't have it together in san antonio. coming up special delivery. we'll show you monkeyses with a golden touch after the break.
a big celebration in china. safari pike celebrating a first. >> four golden snub-nosed monkeys. have you heard of those? >> no. >> they are at the safari park. four of them have been born there since mid april. it's the first time the monkeys have been successfully bred at this park. >> i like the way they hang onto mama. >> how cute they are, another reason for them to be happy, it's because they are listed as endangered so any successful breeding helps secure the future of that species. tiny guys. >> beautiful scene. mama happy to be there. >> thank you so much for hanging out with us on this -- what day is it. >> wednesday morning. closer to friday. >> join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00, also on
11:28am nbc.
- liz, there's someone in the apartment. someone who thinks you're special in every single way i wrote this song to wish you a happy valentine's day and the chorus goes here yeah this is where the chorus goes i didn't have time to write it but the chorus goes here yeah this is the chorus - criss-- criss, it's okay. i really don't care about valentine's. - but, you're a lady, right? why haven't i seen pictures of you as a baby? - you know what i like to celebrate on february 14th? the 1920 founding of the league of women voters in chicago, illinois. interesting fact-- they were supposed to meet on the 13th, but they all got lost, so-- - but, valentine's day is fun, liz.